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education | teaching, lesson plans, philosophy

Sarah Tan began her journey as an educator when she facilitated a college-level class on intergroup dialogue and conversations around diversity while attending Carleton College. In that role, she learned what education should truly be - a means to not only grow intellectually, but also as a human being and an active participant in this world. Sarah believes that education comes from the world around us. It is the job of educators to pull forth and cultivate the knowledge and skills that our students (regardless of age) have gathered and collected from their own life experiences. 


As a performing artist and drama educator, Sarah strives to build compassionate classroom cultures regardless of the curriculum or content taught. She encourages her students to take healthy risks to provide opportunities for growth emotionally, socially, and intellectually. 

Past Classes & Workshops


one off & series

Courses created to exist as a singular 60-75 minute session or a three-part workshop series.

Content in these workshops vary in expectation of prior knowledge of students/participants.

Workshops here often do not require strict adherence to K-12 state standards.


camps, intensives & semesters

Courses created to extend over a period of time. Camps and intensives usually one to three weeks of 8 hour days. Semesters follow a ~15 week schedule.

In semester long courses, classes occur one to two times a week. Each session lasting 75 to 120 minutes. 

Classes here may or may not adhere to state standards. Variations made according to organization. 

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