Sarah Tan is a Tempe, Arizona based actor, dancer, and educator in the performing arts. In 2012, she flew over from Singapore where she was born and raised for 18 years and went straight to Carleton College in the quaint little town of Northfield, Minnesota. As a result, she is constantly redefining what "home" truly means to her and is often pleasantly surprised by the new definitions she finds in the circles she occupies.


Sarah graduated from Carleton College with a B.A. in Theater Arts and a concentration in Educational Studies. While at Carleton, Tan dabbled in a plethora of activities (as most college students do) but at the very heart of it, she discovered the importance of performance art and the power of education in cultivating citizens of the world.

Sarah's artistic work often explores the ability of intersecting art mediums - theater, dance and multimedia - to communicate ideas in live performance. As an artist, she believes in the importance of finding and connecting the links between these art mediums to tell our stories in ways that we never thought we could, thereby creating a theatrical experience that engulfs the audience in a brand new world by using familiar technology in an unfamiliar way.  

As an educator, Sarah has worked with a range of age groups, her youngest being seven, and the oldest 61. She has absolutely loved working with every age group and has found that there is much to be learned from every individual regardless of age. In the future, she hopes to continue finding opportunities to be a teacher of the performing arts while continuing her training as an artist wherever in the world she may be.

She recently graduated with her MFA in Theatre for Youth and Community at Arizona State University and as a Co-Education Coordinator  with Grey Box Collective. She is the 2019 AATE Don and Elizabeth Doyle Fellow and a part of the second cohort of The Molly Blank Fund - ASU Gammage Teaching Artist program.

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