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In My Heart: The Adoption Play Project .

directed by Alan Berks and Leah Cooper

Conceived, Compiled, and Directed

by Leah Cooper and Alan Berks

(Wonderlust Productions)

Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

Join the celebration as their parents meet for the first time, Alice’s sister Jen returns from Korea for the occasion, and a bundle of buried secrets from throughout the adoption community climb up the rabbit hole and demand to be revealed. You don’t have to come in costume but don’t be surprised by the anxious waitress White Rabbit, a cryptic chef Caterpillar, and a wedding band fronted by the imperious Queen of Hearts.

Developed with input from more than 200 people in the adoption community between 2014 and 2016 through story circles, workshops, and public staged readings.

Production Role: Assistant to the Directors

Photo credit: Lindsay Marcy

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